COMEX 2023 to take Technology used in Oman into a New Level

COMEX Group of Events has announced the new slogan for the 2023 exhibition as "Future Tech Redefined,". The event celebrates the 32nd edition and will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Information and Communications Technology (MTCIT).

COMEX is a great opportunity for enterprise level companies and startups alike to interact and connect with investors and buyers of future technologies.

The new slogan came from the idea that future technology should be used in all aspects of life and should be adapted by all sectors. A lot of individuals and companies in Oman still do not recognize what technology is capable of. Therefore, COMEX comes to help Oman in the process to be one of the leading countries in future technology by prioritizing comprehensive digitalization, robust cybersecurity, and investments to establish a solid foundation for the country’s future tech infrastructure.

COMEX believes that Oman will see new heights in future tech advancements, especially in the fields of medicine, mobility, robotics, advanced and applied artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, cybersecurity solutions, drones, e-commerce and many others. This will enable human capital development in the field of advanced and future technologies. The organizers of COMEX have started to meet its exhibitors, both government and tech giants, to showcase more than one future technology at COMEX 2023, which holds the power to disrupt.

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