Sep 13 , 2023

COMEX Bahrain: Bridging borders from Oman to Bahrain through Innovation and Technology

The Kingdom of Bahrain through advanced technological progress In today's modern age, the advancements in technology and digital innovations are among the most critical factors contributing to development and progress. It is from this standpoint that the COMEX Technology Exhibition emerges as a living testament and successful example of how …

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May 17 , 2023

COMEX 2023 Startups: Where Connections and Innovation Thrive

An Ecosystem of Opportunities for Tech Startups. Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors for idea pitching battle and Networking.  COMEX 2023 ICT Startups Zone is a platform that empowers entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and promote their work. This thriving ecosystem brings together over startups in the tech industry, creating a powerful c…

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May 17 , 2023

COMEX 2023 Excellence Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Technology and Innovation

Honoring Companies and Organizations Driving Technological Advancements Across Multiple Categories.  We are thrilled to announce that the COMEX Excellence Awards 2023 will be held on the last day of the event, marking a grand finale to our celebration of technological advancements. For over a decade, these prestigious awards have served as …

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Apr 03 , 2023

COMEX Tech Show to Launch in Bahrain; Pioneering Advancements and Development in the Middle East

Uniting Tech Innovators and Driving Growth in the Middle East The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world,and Bahrain is quickly establishing itself a hub for tech innovation in the Middle East. The country has made significant strides in promoting tech growth, and the launch of the COMEX tech show in B…

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Mar 28 , 2023

COMEX 2023 e-Government Pavilion: Showcasing the Latest Innovations in Government Technology

Explore the success of the Government's digital transformation journey. The upcoming COMEX 2023 in Oman and Bahrain is set to bring together leading companies and professionals from across the technology industry, with a focus on boosting public-private partnerships and shedding light on new possibilities for collaboration. One of the mos…

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Mar 27 , 2023

COMEX Banking and Fintech Zone: Driving Innovation and Collaboration in Oman's Financial Landscape

COMEX Banking and Fintech Zone: A Platform for Innovation and Collaboration Muscat, Oman – COMEX is proud to announce the launch of the Banking and Fintech Zone, a collaborative platform for fintech companies and financial institutions to come together and drive innovation in the financial sector. The COMEX Banking and Fintech Zone will…

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Nov 17 , 2022

Breaking into the Data world; Oman’s 2nd Big Data & Analytics on board.

 The 2nd Big Data & Analytics Conference will be held on December 05th and 6th at Crown Plaza, Qurum. Are you prepared to know more about BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics?  With an emphasis on Oman Vision 2040, addressing the importance of continuous growth in ICT; The 2nd Big Data & Analytics Conference, Expo, is welcoming h…

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Jul 26 , 2022

COMEX 2023 planned to maximize exhibitor ROI

COMEX: Oman’s Official technology event, is coming in its 32nd edition from 22nd to 25th of May, 2023 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat.   The event is not only a great opportunity for companies to interact and connect with investors and buyers of future technologies, but it also gives all exhibitors the…

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Jul 24 , 2022

COMEX 2023 to take Technology used in Oman into a New Level

COMEX Group of Events has announced the new slogan for the 2023 exhibition as "Future Tech Redefined,". The event celebrates the 32nd edition and will be held under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Information and Communications Technology (MTCIT). COMEX is a great opportunity for enterprise level companies and sta…

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Jun 27 , 2022

Comex 2022 showcases innovations in technology

Muscat: The Comex 2022 technology exhibition, in its 31st edition, kick started on Monday at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC). The three-day event’s opening ceremony was held under the auspices of Dr. Kahmis Saif Al Jabri, Head of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up unit. Al Jabri said that the event introduce…

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