COMEX Features


International Pavilions

Showcasing international technologies from different countries exhibiting their products and services in the field of IT and Telecom technology - together with trade organizations to promote partnerships, collaborations and technology transfer with the local market from their respective regions.


VIP Tech Execs Club

A dedicated area for Tech VIP’s where they can network with C-Level executives invited through pre-scheduled meetings to discuss business opportunities, joint ventures, collaborations in the comfort of the business lounge with coffee and snacks served.



One-to-one meetings for your stand, prearranged through our website and followed up by staff on the event to make sure you gain optimum opportunities from your participation.


Media Centre

Providing support and a specified area for editorial pieces, press releases and product information available for local journalists to use in the reporting of Comex to both local and international press.


Tech Talk Workshops

An opportunity for exhibitors to make presentations that are hosted free to visitors of Comex Business & Comex eOman. Registering either beforehand on the website or on-event, these complimentary workshops give our exhibitors allocated times to share their knowledge and best practices to a dedicated audience.


Show Dailies

Comex related news, new deals signed, announcements or new products launched at the event will also be compiled to ensure our exhibitors get maximum benefit from the event and leveraging top of mind awareness for their brands. Breaking news, popular offerings, exciting deals of the day, discounts & bundle offers will also be highlighted to generate a buzz around Comex Shopper.


Comex Majlis

For those who do not make use of our other features, we have included a traditional Majlis, where exhibitors can share in the customary hospitality offered in Oman to meet their clients and potential customers.


International Delegations

Introducing ‘International Delegations’ with professional affiliations will also be arranged to support exhibitors’ activities in reaching out regionally to international countries and investigate new opportunities to grow their business abroad.