12.00PM - 12.30PM

Mobile Apps & Technology

Saravanan Subramani
IT Specialist , Enterprise Mobility, GBM
12.30PM - 01.30PM

Big Data and Storage

Amjid Ali
Head of Business, The Integrated Connection LLC
01.30PM - 02.30PM

Electrical Home Safety And Automation

This work presents the analysis of electrical safety for buildings based on IET wiring regulations to decide the conductor size of cable and its safe operation under 220-240 V electrical supply.

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First literature review is carried out with the introduction of significance of power-flow study and reconfiguration to understand the voltage-limits from the source to the load point. Then the 16th old regulations are replaced with the new 17th regulations during the design of current capacity calculations of conductors for the fixed and varying ambient temperature. Further, the techniques of earthing are analyzed to avoid electric shock. According to IET regulations, design current (Ib), nominal current (In), perspective current (Iz), short circuit current (Isc) and percentage voltage drop are calculated for the 2-core, grouped cabling system. The results and discussions are found useful to set the “time of operation” of MCB fuse, which help to protect from electric shock. Furthermore, Ib, In, Iz and Isc and respective sizes of conductors are calculated for 34 0C, 44 0C and 54 0C ambient temperature around the cable. The safe wiring current capacity and sizes for actual distribution network is validated using AMTECH software. According to the temperate variation, it is found that the significant increase in the conductor size of cables used to connect from source to load. Furthermore, current carrying capacity cables of typical a distribution network are discussed to improve the power factor under ambient temperature of 500C.& Integration of Technology in a variety of aspects in modern life has enhanced the way of living to a great extent. Introduction of the Automated Systems first appeared back in the year 1988. Through the utilization of automated processes, more precision and efficiency resulted in industrial applications and everyday life. Home Automation System is part of the solution to the problem of inadequate energy consumption and depletion of resources.

Dr Dharmasa and Mr Omer Khamis H.Kiyumi
Programme Leader & Graduate Student, Caledonian College of Egineering
02.30PM - 03.00PM

Ada'a – Strategic ERP

Chandrashekar Balasubramanian
ERP Consultant, OCS Infotech
03.00PM - 04.00PM

ERP – Solution that Moves Business

ERP – A complete Solution for your Business Needs.

Bala Subranmanyam
Vice President, Focus Softnet LLC
05.15PM - 05.45PM

Future of ERP

Technology is evolving very rapidly and the ERP should take the full advantage of the available technologies. Business needs to keep pace with the current market trends and ERP is the backbone of any business house. Future ERP will take more use of technologies like Domain Specific, Big Data, IOT and Wearable Devices.

Om Thakur
Chief Technology Officer, RnR DataLex Pvt. Ltd.
11.00AM - 11.30AM

Converging Technologies – IT, IoT & Healthcare Opportunity

Open and integrated environments will boost the competitiveness of Startups, SMEs and make people’s daily life easier. For instance, it will be easier for patients to receive continuous care and for companies to efficiently source services and products in a seamless manner. This will lead to better services, huge savings and a smarter use of resources.

Mohammed Yunus Tonse
Founder, UnoTrack
11.45AM - 12.15PM

Blockchain - New Technology Era

Mario Mustapic
Software Sales Consultant, GBM
12.15AM - 01.00PM

The importance of User Experience Design in the success of software products & IT industry

This would focus on – User Experience as an essential tool to improve software product quality and get higher return on investments. The importance of User Experience (UX) in the design of software products is growing rapidly. In the western world (US, Europe & other countries) it is being practiced for the last 20 years. The eastern world is just catching up to this practice. User Experience Design is a science that uses concepts of cognitive psychology, visual communication & human factors to create efficient, engaging & meaningful experiences for end users of software products. UX Design is essentially for B2B, B2C, enterprise & mobile applications which delivers strong return on investment in terms of enhanced revenue generation, reduced operational costs, improved engaging experiences & customer delight. This session is for every IT leader irrespective of the industry vertical & is extremely crucial for influencing the business growth.

Samir Chabukswar
CEO & Founder, YUJ Designs
01.00PM - 01.30PM

Smart City applications using IOT

The talk will cover how in a city like Muscat, various IoT technologies can be applied to improve efficiency, save energy & water and improve citizen service.

Mukesh Arora
COO, Imtac LLC
02.00PM - 2.30PM

ERP Solutions and Innovations in SAP Platform

Detailed demonstration of GCC Marketing needs. How ERP Innovations takes Place in SAP Platform. Smart Ways to use the system in Mobility Platform. Also discuss on Microsoft Technologies especially on SharePoint Portals. Focused on Mobile Application Development with Interactive Services.

Sukesh G
Managing Director, Microexcel
02.30PM - 03.00PM

Mobile Apps & Technology

OMX Hala

Abdullah Faiz
Chief Operating Officer, OMX Technology-FZE
03.00PM - 03.30PM

Specialized Telematics & IoT

Role of Specialized Telematics & IoT Solutions as Cost Optimizers for Fleet & Asset Management.

Jayaprashanth Jayachandran
COO & Director, Trinetra Wireless
03.45PM - 04.15PM

Big Data

Petar Vidakovic
IBM Software Solutions Manager, GBM
05.30PM - 06.30PM

People Analytics – Hacking Performance, Fast and Simple, using Big Data

There is a major shift taking place in the market for people analytics. Organizations are applying Big Data to people decisions.Real examples from many industries will be given on how companies used People Analytics to boost performance, improve team synergy, develop talent, succession planning, and recruiting.

Ammar Mango
Founder, Case in Point Learning
11.00AM - 12.00PM

Unmanned Arieal Vehicle Applications, IT & Telecom Infrastructure Management and Integration

Technical session.

Hussam Elgammal
Director Consultancy, Target Development Company LLC
12.00PM - 01.00PM

The Future of Digital Transformation and Automating Paper Driven Processes

The Seminar will present the benefits of utilizing the technology and adopting the digital transformation strategy in companies and its Positive impact on the quality of service provided to customers. The seminar we will present a business case for one Process “Car Leasing Process” for one of the banks and how we modernized this huge operation from being paper dependent into becoming fully automated that improved customer experienced, enhanced operational productivity for the bank and reduced overheads.

Rami Arafeh
Regional EDMS Consultant, InfoFort
01.00PM - 01.30PM

ERP for Growing Organizations

Bringing cutting edge cloud technology based ERP within the reach of Growing Organizations.

Farrukh Ghufran
Sales & Support Manager, Prime Business Solutions LLC
02.30PM - 03.00PM

Cyber Security

Omx Firewall

Ahmad Osman
R&D Manager, OMX Technology
03.00PM - 03.30PM

Cyber Security

Mamoun AlSaeed
Security Consultant, GBM
04.30PM - 05.00PM

Technology in Education

About the pros of technology integration in the education sector.

Veena Tewari
Pragram Manager & Asst. Professor, Majan University College
05.15PM - 05.45PM

Medical Tourism and TeleMedicine

Oman and ME patients travel mostly to India, in search of good and experienced treatment. A network of cream community enabled by technology is enabled for its use. Elaborating a working model for such a system is beneficial in preventive and cure cases.

Mohammed Yunus R. Tonse
Founder, Ufone Healthcare Private Limited

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    Big Data and Storage
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    The future of digital transformation and automating paper driven processes
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